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Signature Engraving

Signature Engravers Inc.

Ingleside Industrial Park
120 Whiting Farms Road
Holyoke, Massachusetts

Signature Engraving Systems, Inc. is located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. With old-fashioned New England know-how and values, the company has not only survived market fluctuations when so many small businesses failed over the last several years, but has grown to become a multi-national operation in just 20 years. Signature® employees are family and are dedicated to making the company grow by producing the finest engraving systems in the world ... and producing a customer service network unparalleled in the industry!

At Signature® you will get a live person with a genuine concern for your questions, problems or issues. Every person who answers the telephone knows how to help you ... or how to get you the help you need. If you ever do hear, "I don't know, you'll have to call back tomorrow," let us know so we can take immediate corrective action. Not knowing is not accepted.

All Signature® Engraving Systems are made in America. The workmanship we put into each and every product we make is an example of the pride we feel for our country.

Join the Signature® family today. We'll make you welcome ... and we'll make you proud!

Christopher A. Parent
President & CEO

Signature® Engraving Systems of Holyoke, Massachusetts is a privately held corporation and an offshoot of United Innovations, Inc., an engineering design firm. United Innovations, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Lucien Parent, President of United Engineers, Inc. and Christopher Parent along with Dr. James Voss and James Richmond. The company was chartered to research product ideas that could be of interest to manufacturers, combined with the internal manufacturing of certain products. The company also sold patent rights to others to produce innovative products.

The first product design marketed by United Innovations was a large format Mural Plotter using a patented cable design named a "V" drive. The second was a computerized Signature® 8000 Pantograph Retrofit Engraver developed for the largest giftware chain in the country. The third product line was an easy-cut vinyl cutter/plotter for the sign industry. Fourth, the computerized Signature® 8080 countertop engraver, was the real beginning of Signature Engraving Systems, Inc. Then came the fifth, computerized flatbed engravers, the Signature® 7088 and 9088.

As these products developed, the company's research of the engraving market found the available systems, including their own, insufficient for the needs of the industry they served or were severely limited to specific industries. They vowed to develop a system that would meet all industry needs while at the same time expanding the capabilities and horizons of engraving systems. They succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

In order to dedicate itself to these goals, Signature Engraving Systems, Inc. incorporated in January 2001. It focused its energies entirely on personalization systems for the jewelry, gift, and trophy & awards markets which the 8080 Plus was specifically designed, allowing United Innovations, Inc. to concentrate its engineering talent toward new product development.

Now the benchmark for computerized engravers, Signature Engraving Systems, Inc. continuously strives to improve current models and develop new techniques and designs to make personalization as unique as the individual for whom it is meant. The company came to realize exactly what personalization is. Its mission has evolved to include not only the development of better tools and systems, but to educate the industry about personalization so they can benefit from increased margins, and also experience the daily pleasure of making their customers happy!

From a small company with big dreams, Signature Engraving Systems, Inc. has become a big company with an even bigger dream ... that one day everyone will know the joy of personalization.


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Engraving is proces carving of letters or design into materials.

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