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We Think Laser
... and we have been doing so for more than 30 years. With more than 28,000 systems installed worldwide, ROFIN has dedicated itself to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of lasers and laser-based solutions for industrial materials processing. Whether it is cutting, welding, marking or surface treatment, more than 1,600 qualified employees at 28 locations worldwide guarantee that we create the laser technology of tomorrow.

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ROFIN Laser Engraving
Laser engraving is a laser supported, high-volume ablation process, which offers excellent opportunities for making high-precision printing, embossing, erosion, or injection tools.

The great advantage over the conventional spark erosion technique consists in the fact that laser engraving is extremely flexible as to geometry and material. In addition, of course, it is free of wear.

The laser engraves the material surface down to some 10 m in depth. Laser engraved marks are exceptionally durable and can only be removed by heavy grinding.

Therefore laser engraving is used for forgery-proof product marking e.g. of ball-bearings & nb Repeated scanning of a two-dimensional outline, commonly used with deep marking and trimming, will yield to a 2 -dimensional ablation with flat bottom and tapered walls.

When processing three-dimensional data, walls with defined conicity and bottoms with arbitrary topography can be realized.

For the production of micro injection- or forming molds this manufacturing method, based on laser engraving, is entering the market

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ROFIN Laser Marking
The ROFIN Laser Marking Group, with more than 6,000 systems in use world-wide, is the market leader in the area of laser marking. The precise, contact-free, permanent marking of almost all materials with lasers has found a place in vast areas of industrial manufacturing

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Industrial Laser Materials Processing
With CO2 Nd:YAG-, Disc, Diode- and a variety of q-switch lasers, Rofin offers the widest and most powerful product range for industrial materials processing. For almost every application an appropriate laser solution will be found.

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The Rofin Umbrella Brand Name
Rofin: one brand represents a wide range of laser competence. Rofin-Sinar, Baasel Lasertech, Wegmann-Baasel, Dilas Diodenlaser, Optoskand etc. are substantial laser companies with different focuses within the Rofin organisation.

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CUBE – the new All-purpose Laser Station
The CUBE: ROFIN presents an innovative all-purpose work station concept. Most different laser sources can be integrated into a compact and cost-efficient solution for cutting, welding, structuring or marking in manual and semi-automated manufacturing.


A design or text engraved on a material.
Engraving is proces carving of letters or design into materials.

Engraving methods: 3D engraving, CNC engraving, Laser engraving, Cylindrical Engraving, Deep Engraving, Diamond engraving, Dot pen engraving, Drag Engraving, Hend engraving, Ring Engraving, Roll engraving, Rotary Engraving, Rotogravure.

Engraving product: Awards, Badges, Door Signs, Gun, Gifts, Jewelry, Key Tags, Knife, Medals, Memorial plaques, Mold, Name Plates, Pens, Pet & ID Tags, Picture, Plaques, Ring, Sculptures, Signs, Stamps, Technical Plates, Tools, Trophy Plates..

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