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UNIVERSAL Laser System Inc.

16000 North 81st Streat
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. is the pioneer and highest volume manufacturer of unique computer peripherals used for laser engraving, marking and cutting. Universal has worldwide distribution and services thousands of customers in hundreds of different industries.

The company's headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and consists of a 40,000+ square foot custom built, company-owned building with state-of-the-art research/development and engineering departments, production, administration, sales, customer support and training facilities.

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. was founded in 1988 as Applied Laser Technology, Inc. to develop computer controlled laser engraving, marking and cutting technology for a wide variety of industries and applications.



Universal Laser Systems was founded as Applied Laser Technology, Inc. to develop laser technology for a wide variety of industrial and decorative applications.


Introduction of the ALT-2010, the first large field, computer-controlled laser system designed for ease of use, high performance and versatility. Cost of unit was well below competing laser technology.

First sale to a well known industrial company for stripping insulation from flat computer ribbon cable.


Formal introduction of ALT machines to the awards market.


Change of company name to Universal Laser Systems, Inc. in order to more accurately reflect the range of applications possible with laser systems produced by ULS.


Introduction of combined raster/vector functions during same job.

Introduction of buffer memory to machines.

Introduction of rotary fixture for engraving around cylindrical objects.


Introduction of the ULS-25 - a major breakthrough in ease of use and maintenance.

Development and introduction of the technology to allow professional rubber stamp engraving with a Universal laser system.

Development and public introduction of a process to engrave embossing seal dies and counters from plastic.


Introduction of the ULS Performance Series Systems - a dramatic breakthrough in mechanical performance.


Introduction of the ULS-25E - an upsized version of the popular ULS-25 sharing some Performance Series mechanical advantages.

Winner of the AZTech 95 Award for being one of the fastest growing high technology companies in Arizona.

Winner of Best New Technology Award from ARA for The Performance Series.


Dramatic increase in staffing for customer support to ensure an extremely high level of support to customer base - expanded worldwide customer support network.

Winner of the AZTech 96 Award for being one of the fastest growing high technology companies in Arizona (second year in a row).

Winner of Best New Technology Award from ARA for the ULS-25E.


Introduction of the new ULS M25 laser engraving and cutting system. This new system incorporated a new laser manufactured by ULS along with several new innovations. It featured a 24" x12" engraving and cutting area and a 25 watt CO2 laser.

Introduction of the new X Class laser processing systems. These systems featured 25, 50 and 100 watt CO2 lasers and a 32" x 18" engraving and cutting area. The machines were designated the: X25, X50 and X100 with the number being equal to the rated laser output power. The X Class systems were designed to accept a variety of heavy duty industrial options including: Air Assist, and a Honeycomb Cutting Table.

Winner of AZTech 97 Award (Third year in a row).


Winner of AZTech 98 Award. (4th year in a row).

Universal celebrated it's 10 year anniversary.

M35e introduced, hosting 35 watts of air-cooled power.

Introduction of new X30, X35 and X40 high power air-cooled engraving and cutting systems into product line.


Introduction of 45 & 50 watt, air-cooled laser systems.

Introduced patented Slab/Free-Space designed CO2 laser modules for OEM integration. Available in laser powers of 30, 40 and 50 watts.

The new V Class laser engraving and cutting system is introduced. Featuring a 24" x 18" work area, this model offered an excellent blend of speed and power.

winner of AZTech 99 Award. (Fifth year in a row)

Design News Magazine readers' survey named Universal Laser Systems' CO2 lasers as Product of the Year Runner-Up.


Introduction of "Integrated Family of Laser Products" which includes the C-200, compact "desktop" unit, M-300, V-400, X-600, and the X2-600, the first laser platform to offer 100 watts (air cooled) laser power.

Introduction of Quick Change Laser Cartridges™ that are cross-platform compatible with ULS laser platforms (patented).

Introduction of Rapid Reconfiguration technology that allows users to quickly change the configuration of their system's laser power without the use of tools (patented).

Completion of 20,000 sq. ft. expansion of main headquarters facility. Total square footage is 40,000+ sq ft.

Introduction of web-based technical support feature which allows customers to submit questions about their laser systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere around the world.


Introduction of the X2-SuperSpeed™ laser platform which can provide up to a 500% increase in productivity (application/laser configuration dependent) by utilizing patented multi-beam/multi-laser technology.

Introduction of materials kits that offer customers the ability to easily expand their existing business.

Introduction of "Laser Products Source". Laser system owners can order laser processing materials from a convenient consolidated source on-line.


In addition to the granting of more patents, ULS introduced new high performance professional series platforms including the M-360, V-460, X2-660 and the X2-660 SuperSpeed. ULS also introduced a new YAG metal marking system, the X-650Y


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