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Type 3 fonts

Type 3 font also known as PostScript Type 3, or Adobe Type 3
consists of glyph defined using the full PostScript language.

Type 3 font can do some things that Type 1 fonts cannot do,
such as specify shading, color, and fill patterns.

Type 3 fonts are PostScript fonts which means they are outline fonts, offering excellent output quality at every character size.

However, it does not support hinting.

Adobe Type Manager does not support Type 3 fonts.

Type 3 font is suitable for engraving font,
Fontographer can generate Type 3 fonts, but
Windows XP does not support PostScript Tpe 3 fonts.

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One Line - Type 3 - Font
Download for free
Orach Technic 1L - demo (.pfa+.pfm)
Font name - OrachTechDemo1Lt3f
File name - ORTE1LT3.PFA, ORTE1LT3.PFM


One Line with 2 lines - Type 3 - Fonts
Download for free
Orach Technic 2L - demo (.pfa+.pfm)
Font name - OrachTechDemo2Lt3f
File name - ORTE2LT3.PFA, ORTE2LT3.PFM
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A design or text engraved on a material.
Engraving is proces carving of letters or design into materials.

Engraving methods: 3D engraving, CNC engraving, Laser engraving, Cylindrical Engraving, Deep Engraving, Diamond engraving, Dot pen engraving, Drag Engraving, Hend engraving, Ring Engraving, Roll engraving, Rotary Engraving, Rotogravure.

Engraving product: Awards, Badges, Door Signs, Gun, Gifts, Jewelry, Key Tags, Knife, Medals, Memorial plaques, Mold, Name Plates, Pens, Pet & ID Tags, Picture, Plaques, Ring, Sculptures, Signs, Stamps, Technical Plates, Tools, Trophy Plates..

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