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DECCO Group besides the work on maintenance of the complete engraving production, pays special attention on Engraving fonts, which development didn't follow the development of this field in the last decade.

Engraving fonts should be a precise matter of each good engraving house, a mirror of demonstrating its technology.

We believe that solving the problems with fonts would considerable raise the production of engraving machines, laser systems and also software for engraving.

Important about engraving fonts

The Director of an old typographical house in an article about culture of writing has written: The best index of an typographical house is its font. The best insight into the quality of an printing firm you can get by having insight into its archive of fonts. An excellent index of the culture of a person is also the font. A literate person has a legible handwriting, an illiterate person leaves a thumb mark.

On the basis of the mentioned, easy can be made the following conclusion also for engraving houses: If the Engraving house of Friedrich Deckel had good fonts, then it has surely good engraving machines. Engraving fonts should be a prestige matter of each engraving house, a mirror of its own technology reflection.

Possibly because of the huge energy, which the producers spent on technology and software in the last decade, like that they have no strength for the development of fonts or like that somebody else should have to do that.

This work should perhaps really somebody else do, for example, the Association of users of engraving and Laser systems of the world. Imagine the world of Graphics without the standard True Type and Type 1 fonts.

By individual analysis of each group of lack we will generally try on one page to demonstrate the problems and give several possible solutions.

We are convinced that by solving this problems with fonts, the production of engraving machines, laser systems and also software for engraving would substantially increase.

Lack of standardized engraving fonts-format

In the Engraving world, which exists first of all because of Engraving letters, fonts, more exactly, the formats are not standardized.

Each producer of engraving machines, laser systems or independent producers of engraving software have its own font formats, so that the fonts can't be mutual used.

A lot of engravers-users who realized this problems in practice, leave this field and don't appear at the producers as buyers of newer and more expensive models.

Buyers of other countries, which don't see its letters at the producer, who offer them its new machine and don't think about the buying.

Engravers need a new engraving font format .eff

 A unforeseeable long time will be needed for the producers to agree and make new programs for a new engraving font format .eff, so that we suggest another possible solution of this problem.

A new standardized simple .txt file for each character particularly will be made. A group of txt. files in one folder with info file and text kerning table should present the archival standardized engraving font.

Each producer would make its own small compiler, which every archival font would compile in its fonts-format. Each user of his machines would be a possible buyer and he would gladly buy such a compiler as a special program module.

By compiling already existing fonts in the archival format; the producers who have a good selection of fonts would offer the whole engraving world its fonts, but not only like today to buyers of his machines.

Such a solution wouldn't demand any change of the existing engraving programs, so we think that it is the most simple and easy acceptable solution.

Lack of engraving fonts-editors

Only rare producers of Engraving programs offer Engraving fonts editors, which can compile with Engraving fonts in its own Engraving fonts format.

Mostly of the producers of Engraving machines allowed no kind of intervention on its fonts, not to mention new creations, and all that in order to sell its owns fonts. Such politics will cause them unforeseeable consequences.

A considerable number of Engraving houses, which have the possibility of using True Type and Type 1 fonts, refer the users to the buying of Engraving fonts editors for this fonts, in spite of that, that they could be only partial solved.

Software houses with its own Engraving fonts editors could recently supplement its fonts editors with Import and Export of new archival .txt file and on that way to make a fast breach on this big and perspective market.

Supplement suggestion of Engraving fonts editors for the archival .txt file

The existing editors need to complete the possibility of Import and Export of the archival .txt file.

Such examples in practice already exists and could be immediately applied.

With File/Import Engraving .txt  would be imported selected files. This import could directly enable the import of the complete archival fonts, or just individual characters and compiling with the own fonts format.

File/Export Engraving .txt  would export selected archival files or the whole archival fonts.

The number of possible characters should be expanded at least on 1000.

DECCO Group will soon be ready to suggest archival numbers from its list "ALL CHARACTERS OF THE WORLD", so that the number of .txt file-characters could be harmonized.

Lack of multi-lingual engraving fonts

We talked with Engravers from several countries in the world, we tried to listen and to understand them. Almost no one of the not Latin countries asked us about Servo-machines, but often about fonts. They sent us old banknotes from Petrograd, which were printed before 1917 and to make them nice letters, with which was written before the October revolution, and if we have success and they saw that a machine can really write like that, they will buy it, and not the Russian “stretched out” which you have shown us from “that” producer.

We would like to elucidate the thing on another way, coarse statistically:

> 80 % of the world production belongs to Germany, America, England and France and each four show together

< 20 % of the total world population or with other words

> 80 % of the world population is not from countries of the machine's producers.

100   characters are used in the letters of the producer's countries and

1000 characters are used by the rest of the world (not including Chinese and Korean)

ASCII Character Code and Adobe Character set have each 255 characters, 118 letters, 127 signs and 10 numbers

Count all your various characters, divided it with 10 and you will get the percentage of the existing world characters, or with other words, which part of the world market you can cover with your production.

It is not understandable that none of the old Engraving houses, which have produced, didn't produce any kind of fonts, which has the same style for Latin, Cyrillic, Greece and Hebrew.

How to write a board on several languages in the Internet time, which should have the same style to show that somebody knows how to write, but like that every nation has signed individually.

Multi-lingual engraving font Orach Technic 1L

Lack of good graphic-technical engraving fonts

The term good graphic means engraving fonts, which completely follow the format of good engraving fonts and have deviations only with the tools radius.

We had the opportunity to see the engraving programs, which they offer in the scope of their package of several thousand engraving fonts. And of course that there were not the best fonts representatives of seven biggest typographical houses.

Good graphic fonts “of the magnificent seven" and more than 50 other typographical houses are the basis of writing in the world of graphics, which are according to its graphic format far ahead of the engraving world.

The term good technical means engraving fonts with small overlaps, interventions, which are going in the same direction on necessary places and with good optimization.

Old engraving houses, which had in their production mechanical machines and sets of engraving models, have an advantage, because of the existing experience in fonts compilation. That could be easily noticed according to the view of offered fonts.

The most outstanding lack of engraving fonts exists in the world of laser engraving, just there where the technology has gone far away. Freely can be said technical perfect-graphic for beginners.

Truth is that lasers with galvanic heads write with "light speed" more than 1000 characters in a second, but they would still write better with good graphic-technical engraving fonts and often double faster.

"Our program's can use True Type and Type 1 fonts" and that's a confirmed way of our new machine's producers to turn the theme from fonts to technology.

Each Engraving house shouldn't have its fonts development, but it must have respect and take care of fonts.

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A design or text engraved on a material.
Engraving is proces carving of letters or design into materials.

Engraving methods: 3D engraving, CNC engraving, Laser engraving, Cylindrical Engraving, Deep Engraving, Diamond engraving, Dot pen engraving, Drag Engraving, Hend engraving, Ring Engraving, Roll engraving, Rotary Engraving, Rotogravure.

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