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Lack of multi-lingual engraving fonts

We talked with Engravers from several countries in the world, we tried to listen and to understand them. Almost no one of the not Latin countries asked us about Servo-machines, but often about fonts. They sent us old banknotes from Petrograd, which were printed before 1917 and to make them nice letters, with which was written before the October revolution, and if we have success and they saw that a machine can really write like that, they will buy it, and not the Russian “stretched out” which you have shown us from “that” producer.

We would like to elucidate the thing on another way, coarse statistically:

> 80 % of the world production belongs to Germany, America, England and France and each four show together

< 20 % of the total world population or with other words

> 80 % of the world population is not from countries of the machine's producers.

100   characters are used in the letters of the producer's countries and

1000 characters are used by the rest of the world (not including Chinese and Korean)

ASCII Character Code and Adobe Character set have each 255 characters, 118 letters, 127 signs and 10 numbers

Count all your various characters, divided it with 10 and you will get the percentage of the existing world characters, or with other words, which part of the world market you can cover with your production.

It is not understandable that none of the old Engraving houses, which have produced, didn't produce any kind of fonts, which has the same style for Latin, Cyrillic, Greece and Hebrew.

How to write a board on several languages in the Internet time, which should have the same style to show that somebody knows how to write, but like that every nation has signed individually.

Multi-lingual engraving font Orach Technic 1L

A design or text engraved on a material.
Engraving is proces carving of letters or design into materials.

Engraving methods: 3D engraving, CNC engraving, Laser engraving, Cylindrical Engraving, Deep Engraving, Diamond engraving, Dot pen engraving, Drag Engraving, Hend engraving, Ring Engraving, Roll engraving, Rotary Engraving, Rotogravure.

Engraving product: Awards, Badges, Door Signs, Gun, Gifts, Jewelry, Key Tags, Knife, Medals, Memorial plaques, Mold, Name Plates, Pens, Pet & ID Tags, Picture, Plaques, Ring, Sculptures, Signs, Stamps, Technical Plates, Tools, Trophy Plates..

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